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Here’s a new layout featuring my favorite actor, Taylor Lautner. :-) Isn’t he sexy? ;-) I love the Twilight scenes in the movie where he’s shirtless. If anybody is a Taylor Lautner fan too then you know you like those shirtless scenes as well. Yna at Awarie made the awesome layout. She did a good job on it. :-) The preppy style headers are cool but I’m missing out using the regular headers with pictures on them and I just wanted to use this one. :-)

The week is coming along okay I guess sort of feel a little better but not by much. I’m still annoyed with the people always putting negative bs on my cbox so I had to take it down again and this other person annoyed with her bs too about being respectless cause I didn’t let her know ahead of time that I wasn’t doing affiliation and link exchanges any more. One other person said the same thing in the past too. It’s my site I can do whatever to it as long I’m following the hosting policy. Well bye enjoy the new layout.

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