New Look

Icon via Kaitlyn
I changed templates on the layout and I like that it looks good like this. :-) The template from Pink Wish. If you’re new to the site world and you don’t know where to find good quality resources then I recommend you check out Pink Wish. There are graphics, resources, and tutorials for you to browse through. Kaitlyn is awesome to talk too as well. If you’re stuck or need help you’re more than welcome to ask I’m sure she wouldn’t minded helping you. She’s super smart ;-)

I’m having a good week so far but not much going on right now just a little bummed out I wasn’t able to make any graphics for the site but my mom took the laptop with her to work. I found these cute renders I wanted to use and make layout headers out of them. Hopefully tomorrow I can though but if not I’ll just wait and make graphics whenever I get the chance to. Well this is all for now bye. ;-)

Hello World

Icon via Kitty
I had a good weekend. I was a little bummed out the WiFi router kept having technical problems but everything is working fine now. I’ve been working hard on my stories which is coming along good. :-) Here’s a new layout featuring graffiti art which looks cool I like it even two of my favorite colors purple and blue. ^_^ How’s everybody doing today? :-) Bye for now ;-)

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